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Welcome to CSG Asia Pacific - Your Trusted Partner for Strategic Business Solutions

CSGasiapacific provides a range of consulting services to global companies, helping them to achieve their objectives. We are dedicated to our mission of global citizenship and strive to create an environment of respect and trust. We also promote diversity and inclusion all aspects of our work.

Our experienced team of experts have a track record of delivering successful projects in a variety of industries. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients, and we are proud to have a solid track record of success. Get in touch to learn more about how CSGasiapacific can help you reach your goals


CSG는 고객사의 Digital Transformation을 위한 전환 컨설팅서비스, Monday.Com 구축 운영서비스 및 Offshore Development Center 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다

Business Consultation

DX 전환을 위한
​컨설팅 서비스

DX를 어떻게 해야할지 모르시나요? 회사내 담당자가 없다고요? CSG가 도와드립니다.

중소 중견기업의 Digital전환을 위한 컨설팅서비스를 제공합니다.

monday 3stripe.png
구축 운영서비스

최고의 Global SaaS 플랫폼인 Monday.com의 구축 운영서비스을 제공합니다.  데모라이센스제공, 사용자교육, 템플릿구성 및 사업환경에 맞는 Customer Work Flow 서비스를 드립니다

Call Center

Offshore Development Center ​서비스

개발자을 구하기 힘들어서 프로젝트가 어려우신가요? 해외진출을 위한 Re-engineering이 필요하신가요?

​해외개발센터를 통해서 서비스를 제공해드립니다


CSG since 2016 has been serving Global customers in deploying & managing Business Application into individual countries in Asia. All employees in CSG are proud of working for improving your business agility and maintaining the standard level of service quality with 24*7 helpdesk services 


CSG is giving top priority on Respecting Diversity and  Culture and People. We believe the Application Cloud technology helps connect business and people much closer for the better life in Asia and the rest of world.


We are Making the business much Simpler and making people much Happier.

  • SAP Cloud ByDesign / S4HANA Consulting and Operation Services

  • Property Management Platform Consulting Services

  • Global Compliance and Risk management Services 

  • 24*7 Global Helpdesk Services in managing SAP and Business Application services

  • Sourcing services for professional experts in SAP Consultant, Project Management Officer, Developer with bilingual capability

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