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We, employee of CSG are the experts in working together and in discovering new  for better. 8 founders have idea Cloud Technology based Application will be the essentials to  improve business visuability and to enhance individual happiness of life. Cloud application gives us more opportunities for Boarderless and Lower cost, however, higher quality of IT services.

Now we serve Customers by connecting every people, regions, cultures. we are loving of it !!

Kevin and Ingyu has been in more than 40years relationship since  Middle school friendship. Sharing the same University and Hewlett Packard helps build business insight together by helping customer's agility with Technology.

Together with sharing the same vision,

Two have set up the company of CSG to develop future business opportunities in the transforming into new Cloud Business Model. 

Including Kevin & Ingyu, total 8 Founders have the variety of experiences of working in Global Leading Consulting, Services, Application company and Technical specialties to fit the upcoming new business in selling services model where Application and Cloud Technology leads the business.


Leaders and Employees in CSG are all passionate about doing work for future and developing his/her careers. Company and management team is the mentor to support every individual employee to develop his /her own career plan and find a right place to work and position whenever Customer Satisfaction is accepted.

CSG and its all member is sharing business culture together to build the great place to work

- Respect for diversity and culture

- Remaining on business charters with belief of "Application runs the world"

- Collaborative Teamwork beyond Geographic and Business domain

Kevin -CEO/Founder

  • Sales manager, Consulting Services in Hewlett Packard

  • Financial services head in HPFinancial Services

  • CSO/COO in BSG Partners (SAP)


Ingyu- CSO/Founder

  • Sales manager in Compaq & Hewlett Packard

  • Researcher in Samsung Semicon


Fred - SAP leader

  • Saint-Gobain Manager

  • SAP Consultant and Leader, MM, ABAP BSG Partners(SAP)


John - Global Helpdesk Leader

  • Services/Channel manager, Technology Group in Hewlett Packard

  • Service Analyst and Project Manager​


IhnSeob - Head of Zeons

  • Property Management Platform 

  • Prime industry IT leader, Developer, Architect, Project Leader

& Organization
Company Culture

Cloud Technology is the most effective and low cost tool to Connect business  and Application is the Core to run the business well

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